has released “The Ultimate Guide… to Valet Parking”

The guide covers the following topics:

  • What Is Valet Parking & How Does It Work?
  • Preparing to Park With a Valet
  • Valet Parking Etiquette When Picking Up Your Car
  • How Much Do You Tip a Valet?

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If you’ve never used valet parking before, you likely believe that it’s as easy to do as it is in movies and TV shows, which usually involves someone getting out of the car, tossing their keys to the valet, and strolling into the hotel or restaurant. However, it’s essential to understand that valet parking is much different and can take some time to get used to, depending on where you are going and if you have ever worked with a valet before. In fact, most Americans have not used valet parking before, so the chances are that you could feel a bit awkward when pulling up to the valet podium. To avoid making mistakes during this process, the following guide details everything you need to know about valet parking as well as valet parking etiquette.

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